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  • 2016 Project Part I:

    Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto centres a lot of its theory on new perspectives and dimensions that the technological space can summon, and inspired the creation of the 3D cellulite selfie, which is a digital disembodiment that encourages the use of the Internet’s perspective multiplicity. Audrey Wollen believes that we can use products of the patriarchy as tools to dismantle it; selfies can work as a retaliation to the objectification of women in art history and how they’re always looked at or acted upon, as they are instead mediated by their technologies rather than a man with a paintbrush. This guided the concept of 3D scanning as an advancement from two-dimensional selfies, as it proposed various viewpoints into the perception of our own image.
    Using numerous processes (from 3D scanning to 3D printing and casting into different materials) as an overview-effect tool not to change but to magnify and render the cellulite, a so-called flaw, we are able to look back and present it instead as a work of art displayed in an exhibition, as part of the 3rd Space collective.
    The cellulite selfie cast is later used as a book cover for a text that was only made up of feminist posts on Tumblr, and explores validity online and spaces that mostly consists of female teenage users. This publication is a linguistic investigation based on Kate Zambreno’s consideration of online blogs and their role in creating a community for neglected women writers, and plays with the idea of legitimacy; is this socio-political rise in youth now more valid or established if it’s printed out or exhibited?